The Gateway package provides functionality to act as a bridge between BioSimSpace and the outside world. It allows the user to define robust and portable workflow components (nodes) that can be run from a variety of environments, e.g. within Jupyter, or from the command-line.


Node(description[, name])

A class for interfacing with BioSimSpace nodes.

Requirement types#

Boolean([help, default])

A boolean requirement.

Integer([help, default, minimum, maximum, ...])

An integer requirement.

Float([help, default, minimum, maximum, allowed])

A floating point requirement.

String([help, default, allowed])

A string requirement.

File([help, optional])

A file requirement.

FileSet([help, optional])

A file requirement.

Length([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

A length requirement.

Area([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

An area requirement.

Volume([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

A volume requirement.

Charge([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

A charge requirement.

Energy([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

An energy requirement.

Pressure([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

A pressure requirement.

Temperature([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

A temperature requirement.

Time([help, default, unit, minimum, ...])

A time requirement.