We welcome all helpful contributions to improving the quality of BioSimSpace. Ways you can help include:

  • Finding and fixing documentation bugs and typos.

  • Writing new tutorials, short how-to guides or blog posts.

  • Creating more tests and adding them to the pytest library.

  • Porting and testing BioSimSpace on different computers.

  • Proposing and helping write or test new features.

  • Funding development by donating to OpenBioSim.

We accept pull requests to the devel branch and are happy to discuss ideas via GitHub issues on the repo.

When contributing, please keep in mind our Code of Conduct.

Please also ensure that your contribution is compatible with our license. BioSimSpace is licensed under the GPLv3 or later. Please ensure your contribution is similarly licensed, i.e. MIT, BSD, Apache or GPLv3 or later. Please ensure that your employer (if you are writing code as an employee) gives permission for you to contribute your code.

Finally, please do add your name or GitHub handle to our Contributors page before you submit your pull request. This will ensure that your status as a contributor to BioSimSpace can be forever recognised.